Nursing Documentation:The Legal Side of Care
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If the care your organization provides today comes under scrutiny months or years from now, would your documentation enable you to accurately describe the standard of care delivered to the patient?  If you were required to testify in defense of the care you provided to a patient in court, would your documentation be adequate to protect you from professional liability?  Do your pre- and post-surgical assessments include a Review of Systems for the body system operated on, and do they incorporate other fundamentals of nursing care?  Have you been out of nursing school a while and need a refresher on how to best document the care you are delivering?  If you are not absolutely certain that your clinical documentation is the best it can be, you do not want to miss this webinar!  During this program, you will learn how to identify and avoid risky documentation, integrate your discoveries into your practice, and keep your license unblemished.  The content discussed will be immediately applicable to your clinical practice and may keep you out of the courtroom.  

Live Webinar September 30, 2014

On Demand Access following live presentation 

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Nursing Documentation:The Legal Side of Care

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